Recruiting Tips

College coaches recruit smart kids……

You wont get recruited and you wont get to play your sport at college level without good grades.

The first things a coach wants to know is,” What is your GPA? What were your ACT and SAT test scores? If you don’t meet the schools minimum entrance requirements or the athletic academic standards set by the NCAA then you don’t play. You might be the best athlete at your high school bit without good grades you lose.

Division 2 schools are not in a position to offer many full-ride athletic scholarships as NCAA Division 1 so your grades are even more important; if you are eligible for a full or partial academic scholarship or other form of financial aid then you become even more attractive to the coach as a potential recruit.

How you play in high school is also a big factor. This is even more important in team sports. You might be the highest scorer on the court but without the right attitude a college coach might just pass you by. Remember that coaches are looking for leaders and motivators, you need a positive attitude. Coaches can overlook some character flaws in say runners or golfers but very rarely in athletes playing team sports.

You should prepare a list of colleges you wish to attend and prepare an athletic resume and highlights video if possible.  Your video is very important at Division II level, D2 coaches do not have the money or resources to attend games etc like they do at D1 level.

Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center..

Send your resume, video, transcripts, references etc to the coaches at the colleges you have chosen, ADDRESSED to the coach by name not simply “Dear Coach”.

Remember that at the end of the day it’s your education that really matters.

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